4:30 pm - Thursday July 10, 2014

Apple’s Laptop, MacBook that changed Everything

Apple, one of the top brands in the world brought the subsequent impact on computers (Laptops), smart phones and also the Televisons. We can say that one of the outstanding device from the Apple is its laptop, MacBook which is more traditional. The MacBook has been launched by Apple in January, 2006 which is named MacBook Pro. This laptop replaced the Non-Intel PowerBook G4 and also White Polycarbonate MacBook.

At that time, the laptops are not that much preferred by the customers whereas the desktops are used mostly. Later, as the demand to the laptops has been increasing, the companies are also started producing more laptops with low cost, low power such as Intel Classmate, First Asus Eee Pc. These laptops were then moved to Ultrabooks now and the PC makers are also moving towards the laptops. But Apple did not cut down the prices of Laptops  but instead increased the process of laptops by introducing MacBook Air.

The other companies are motivated with this MacBook pro and introduced Adamo by Dell, Envy Line by HP, Samsung’s Series 9 and Think Pad X1 by Lenovo which are worthy to buy according to our desired features. In spite of the price and design, MacBook has its own specialty in its gesture controls. It provides multi finger gesture controls unlike other laptops .


This gesture feature has been spread to iPhone, ipads and also iPods. But the other laptops by Dell, HP used the old style of clickpad and no one came closer to the multi finger gesture feature of Apple. Hence, we can say that this made Apple to be in the top of the world. Also, the tiny notebooks of Apple have the two-finger gesture and scrolling facility.

The least price of MacBook is $999 which doesn’t contains removable batteries, no HDMI and no SD card but the customers still tend to buy this laptop in spite of many other laptops in the market.

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