4:33 pm - Thursday April 24, 2014

Facebook Usage is more in Android Platform than iOS.

It is a very well known fact that Google’s Android market share is very much higher than Apple’s iOS market share. Also, we know that the craze for smart phones has been increasing now-a-days and hence people are using mobile web more than the internet on PC or laptops. That is the reason why Mobile Ad revenues are increasing more than the Ad revenue for desktops. More information on mobile Ad revenues here.Also, in smart phones there are ready made applications for many social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, chat on, Linked In and many others.

When we come to the Facebook users in both Android and iOS platforms, it is observed that more users are using Facebook in Android platform when compared to iOS but this difference is not too much.

According to the recent study, an average of 20.1 percent users is accessing Facebook through Android device whereas only 18.9 users are using Facebook through iOS device. These are not officially released by either Facebook or Google. Optimal, a Social Advertising and Analytics platform said that 189.8 million users are using Facebook in Android platforms and only 178.3 uses Facebook in iOS platforms. These figures were given by Optimal according to the 944.2 million active users in Facebook.

Android Vs. iOS

In South Korea, it is observed that 52.6 percent of users are using Facebook in Android and 20.3 only using it via iOS. But In Singapore and Australia, most of the people are using Facebook via iOS. Combining both the platforms, the percentage reached to 83.5 in United States which is highest compared to the others. Facebook is expecting still more percentages for both the platforms in the coming months.

Some researchers are saying that most of the Facebook users who are using from phones are in the age between 15 and 25. But the good thing for Apple is that we browser usage is more recorded for iOS than the Android.

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