5:40 am - Thursday July 10, 2014

Increase of Complications in Child Births in U.S

According to a study in U.S, the complications in child birth has been increased which comprises heart attacks. Also, the centers of hospitals reports said that almost ten thousand pregnant ladies who are being delivered in the hospitals are being suffered from the severe complications like strokes, heart attacks, heavy bleeding and also kidney failures.

In the olden days, there were no hospitals and also no complications in the child births. But now, as the urbanization is increasing, the childbirths complications are also increasing greatly even utmost care is taken when the women is pregnant. Almost, 75 percent of the pregnant cases have such complications. Also, complications are increasing after child births and those cases are recorded for 29 percent.

Only the complications are increasing in child births but not the deaths of either child or the mother. These details are not to panic the pregnant women but the details are given only to make the pregnant ladies to take more safety measures. Also, doctors are saying that these complications are because of the reason that the women are giving birth to babies in their older ages when they have high blood pressure and diabetes.

child birth complications

Even, the young ladies who gave birth to the babies are also suffering from heart diseases in their smaller ages only. Comparing to the white ladies, black ladies who gave birth to the babies are dying more according to a survey. The main reason for this death after giving birth to the baby is heart attacks. Hence, doctors are opting cardiac surgery for more pregnant ladies after the child birth. But this case reduced in the last three years as compared before.

So, before you are going to be pregnant, control your blood pressure and also diabetes, lose your weight if you are obese. Hence, the complications during child birth will be reduced if you are healthy eating healthy food.

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