2:57 pm - Saturday July 12, 2014

Is iPad Heavier than Nook?

The researchers proved last month that the iPad is 20 percent heavier than the 9-inch HD Nook. This is the best difference we find when we compare the two tablets. We feel this difference when we hold the tablets in our hands for long period of time. It is of course a fact that Nook and Amazon Kindle Fire tablets are becoming much lighter whereas iPad is becoming heavier when compared to these two.

Comparing to the iPad 2, Apple’s third version tablet is 50 gms more weight i.e., 652 gms. Although the iPad is heavier than the other tablets, the people still prefer iPad more because of the best features of Apple like its design. But the other companies are competing with this Apple in every aspect even in their design.  The customers prefer the tablets that are light like Kindle Fire and also with good and high resolution like Nook tablets.

The co-founder of storify.com, Xavier Damman was the first to comment about iPad 3 that why do is the use of high resolution and best antenna if we cannot hold a tablet with one hand? When this comment was raised, the others also commented that ipad 2 is also heavier to carry here and there. When the iPad is initially launched in 2010, the people felt that it is lighter compared to laptop. But when the other tablets are still lighter, people could not bear the more weight of iPad.

Nook Tablet

According to a research firm Mckinsey & Co., it was studied that almost 62 percent of iPad owners are leaving their iPads in their houses itself as they could not carry those ipads with them. When the Apple CEO is questioned about the weight of the ipad, Tim cook said that the weight of the iPad will not be reduced but instead a mini-iPad will be released shortly.


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