9:43 am - Friday July 11, 2014

Petrol from Air and Water? A new method to produce petrol

The news that burst on Friday said that petrol can be made from air and water. At present, the petrol is being extracted from ores and then pumped in to vehicles in the petrol bunks on the roadsides. The petrol production and petrol consumption are not balance now-a-days and hence the petrol production companies are increasing the cost of petrol/liter daily. This is causing very inconvenience to the vehicle owners. So, we can say that “Petrol From Air and Water” is of course a good news to everyone.

The process of making petrol from air is as follows. We know that air is a combination of many gases. The co2 gas is extracted from the air and the hydrogen is taken from the water vapour and these two are combined. Then a catalyst is added to the reactor to form methanol converted to petrol that can finally go in to petrol tanks. Although air and water are free in the environment, still the energy cannot be obtained free. According to the news paper in US, thus process requires electrical energy for the making of petrol from air.

Petrol from Air?

This process is clear and doesn’t contain any pollutants like Sulphur that harms environment. The research has been started and takes approximately two years to complete with an investment of around one million pounds. So, we can call this petrol as Green Petrol as it is harm-free to the environment.

The price of this petrol per liter is not yet decided, said peter Harrison. The processes already started in different companies. According to the AFS plans, the commercial plants that produce 1,200 liters of petrol a day will be built in the next two years and then this type of petrol production will sure bring revolution in the petrol companies to make this Green Petrol.

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