11:16 am - Thursday April 24, 2014

President Obama’s state of the union address

President Barack Obama in his speech in State of Union appealed for spending to create jobs due to the assailable economy and also stressed on the point to cut the federal deficit by raising taxes. Likely, the Republican Party is going to come up with an iron fist against this increase of taxation. Obama announced the reduction in U.S. Military forces in Afghanistan to a half of the total deployment within a year in front of the divided Congress on Tuesday night. He also condemned North Korea for challenging the international community by their nuclear test.

The matter of concern was the economy for which Obama has addressed the citizens and the lawmakers for several times. The unemployment rate is fluctuating around 8 percent in spite of considerable improvements since he took over as the President of United States of America.

The Republicans are more likely to oppose the measures prescribed by Obama, spending more money to improve manufacturing and infrastructure, which they have already blocked during his first term.The president is expected not to compromise in his call for lawmakers to reduce across-the-board spending cuts which is going to take effect from 1St Of this March with combined budget cuts and increase in taxes.

The president often mentions about the unnecessary tax breaks being a benefit for owner of private jets and tax subsidies for oil and gas companies. Even though the president has not given the details about where to take action, his constant examples about such issues gives us a hint. Cutting out such tax breaks and tax subsidies would generate around $43 billion over 10 years.

The Republicans reluctantly agreed to the increased tax rates on the wealthiest Americans at the start of the year in exchange for extending the tax rates for the rest of the taxpayers which was put up during Mr. Bush’s tenure.

Soon after his speech, Obama is going to hold a conference with supporters to urge them pressure the lawmakers to support his agenda. He is also going to rally with a point to have the public support from the coming week to North Carolina, Georgia and Illinois.

The president will push Congress to improve immigration laws and confront the climate change. He would also like to ease of the casting of votes by the voters and expand the early childhood education. He is also keen on passing stricter gun laws, including universal background check.

First lady Michelle Obama will sit with the parents of Chicago teenager shot and killed just days after she performed at the president’s inauguration.The president’s announcement on the reduction of troops in Afghanistan puts the country on track to formally finish the lasting war by the year 2014. With less time for foreign policy in this year, this decision to bring down forces is highly anticipated.

According to instant polling conducted by CNN/ORC, 77 percent of viewers had a somewhat or very positive view of the address as compared to 22 percent who had a negative response.More specifically, 70 percent of respondents said that Obama’s policies on guns would move the country in the right direction.The speech of Obama

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