6:47 am - Thursday July 10, 2014

Samsung SIII’s Display is better than Apple

It is known to everyone that Apple and Samsung are the best enemies that are quarrelling for the smart phone licenses. A research firm IHS said that Samsung Galaxy SIII has better display than Apple’s iPhone 5. The research proved that sIII has more color saturation in its display and also vibrant display but the customers are buying the phones by observing the features and not the display.

But HIS also said that iPhone’s 5 has more accuracy and realistic. Also, iPhone has better power efficiency and also higher brightness than Samsung Galaxy SIII. Whereas Samsung has more saturation and also very unrealistic. Apple used in-cell touch panel technology that has embedded LCD and all sensors in one layer which is a major advantage of iPhone.

Samsung SIII Vs iPhone 5

The main difference between Apple’s iPhone and Samsung SIII is the LCD display thickness which is very less for SIII than iPhone but iPhone is slimmer piece than SIII because of the thin battery in Galaxy SIII. Also, the density of pixels in SIII is 306 ppi whereas the count is 326 ppi for iPhone 5. In spite of this, Samung’s Galaxy SIII has more resolution 720 X 1280 HD compared to 640 X 1136 for Apple’s iPhone 5. Some users criticized Apple for using LCD technology rather than OLED technology in its smart phones. The customers are feeling so as they feel that OLED technology will provide better battery life to the device and also more life time.

The common thing about both Apple and Samsung is that both are performing well in Customer care support to the customers.

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