9:16 pm - Saturday July 12, 2014

Skype Connects Classroom’s Kids to NASA Scientists

Skype is a company that provides users to call and message other Skype users for free of cost. In spite of these, Skype has launched a best opportunity for educators i.e., Skype in classroom through which more than thirty eight thousand teachers created virtual relationships with others as a part of teaching in between 200 countries. It is known that World teacher’s day has been celebrated all over the world and as a part of celebration; Skype extended the opportunity of this type of learning by adding another community called NASA’s Digital Learning Center which makes the children to be updates with NASA news every now and then.

This will be sure an outstanding opportunity for the teachers to promote the intercultural understanding for the children. Through this community, the experts of NASA will communicate with the children through Skype calling. This communication is almost done in 60 languages and Andy Schmidt, Head of Skype’s Social good said that there are some other projects that are going in progress.

The classrooms that connect with NASA’s Digital Learning center makes the students to communicate with scientists and researchers in NASA who teaches how the space mission works, how it takes off and also teaches about the latest hot topic robotics. Also, Skype is working with “Peace One-day“, an organization which that promotes Non-violence on the entire earth.

Skype Classroom teaching

Skype launched “Skype for Peace” which helps to build peace all over the world with the help of teachers who teaches the students of next generation to build peace on the earth. In order to make the students to communicate with experts, the teachers play key role who involves Skype in the Classroom’s community. Also, you can donate for the Skype’s campaign, “Peace One Day” if you aren’t a teacher. Even, any community that wants to take the help of Skype to teach students can contact them and communicate with the students to make them learn so many things.

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