2:44 pm - Wednesday April 23, 2014

Sony Experia T: The Ultimate HD Experience

Sony which wants to be the top in the Android world is looking to turn heads with Sony Experia T with tag Line: The Ultimate HD Experience. This Experia T series mobile has length of 4.55 inches that is competing with the HTC and Samsung Galaxy SIII. Sony Experia T is the family version of Sony Experia S. But does the caption really suits the smart phone.

Coming to the design, Sony Experia looks something odd in its design. It doesn’t look ugly actually but it looks like a military design. Actually, Experia ha concave back but this arc is missing in Experia T. The arc in the back sunks the mobile in to your hand whereas such a curve is missing in Experia T. The physical appearance of the phone is such that it doesn’t fit to your hand perfectly making it difficult to move your thumb figure all over the mobile.

The matte finish of the phone holds some grip in your hand. Dust and some particles can be easily stuck on to the front part of the phone and also it produces some sound when you tap the back of the phone. It has Micro USB connection on the left side of the phone that is covered totally. The remaining buttons: volume control, power/standby, camera button are all fitted on the right side of the phone.

Sony Experia T

It looks clumsy to operate all those buttons on the right side. This Experia T fits in to your left hand perfectly and easy to operate than on right hand. The back door of the phone cannot be operated and hence you cannot change the internal battery. The pixel density in this phone is 319ppi that is absolutely sharp and nice to see. The music and video clarity are perfect in this phone and are up to the expectations of the customers.

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