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Vegetarian McDonald’s will be opened shortly in Amritsar,India

McDonald’s is a second largest hamburger fast food restaurant in the world. It has established its restaurants in 119 countries providing service to 68 million customers daily. This mouthwatering restaurant is first started in United States in 1940 and later spread to many countries all over the world. McDonald’s primarily started selling cheeseburgers, hamburgers, chicken, french fries, soft drinks, desserts and milkshakes. Now for the first time, it is opening vegetarian McDonald’s in Amritsar, India.

This idea of only vegetarian restaurant in India definitely increases the economy of McDonald’s. The company’s crew said that the ¬†most best known product in veg will be ¬†Big Mac Burger in a Bun. Since India is a place where cow is worshiped and beef is mostly avoided, this restaurant will grab most of the customers to it.

Also Hindus are major community in India and most of the Hindus avoid meat and prefer only vegetarian, McDonald’s profits will be sure on hike than expected. As per the AFC News Agency, McDonald’s will open its veg outlet shortly in the middle of the next year in Amritsar near Golden temple in India.

As Amritsar is a holy place for Sikhs, this vegetarian restaurant will sure going to be a plus point to McDonald’s. Rajesh Kumar mani, spokesman of McDonald’s in North India said that this veg restaurant will have all the way to profits since most of the Indians are Vegetarians.

Comparing to the others, McDonald’s restaurants in India are only 271 which is a small market compared to other countries. They said that they have a total of 33,000 restaurants all over the world. This Amritsar restaurant has continued its chain to other parts of North-Western India and also near Vaishno Dev shrine in kashmir which attracts most of the pilgrims.

In spite of the taste, McDonald’s is also providing food items taking in to consideration the health of its customers by using less salt, less sugar and less fat in salads and other veg items. Among all the other items, 25% of sales is grabbed by Mc Aloo Tikki burger. It is a good news to hear that McDonald’s is planning to open 1,300 stalls this year globally.

New Vegetarian restaurant in Amritsar, India


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